The Real You

Is there a real you?

After a successful summer reading list (and a huge response from you), I have decided to continue sharing books, videos and other works throughout the year that will inspire, motivate, transform and make you think. This week I have an awesome (and not overly long) TEDtalk. It’s all about figuring out…

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Your Life According to You!

Summer Reading List: Your Life According To You!

You made it—Congrats!!!! It’s week 12 in our Summer Reading List. We’ve had 12 weeks of awesome inspiring, motivating and thought provoking books. But I saved the best for last and I have a surprise for you too. Before we get to it. I thought I’d recap the other 11 books…

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life by the cup

Summer Reading List: Life by the Cup

It has been raining  here for many days now. I have found myself surviving on copious amounts of hot tea. I find a cup of tea can make you feel better almost instantly. The book this week is like a cup of tea. It is heart warming, inspiring and will lift…

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dangerous women

Summer Reading List: The Book for Dangerous Women

We have arrived at book #10 in our Summer Reading list. The summer is winding down and believe it or not I find the evenings are already cooling off. I really miss those super hot days of July. Fingers crossed we’ll still get a few more. The book this week is…

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The charge

Summer Reading List: The Charge

We are in the home stretch now with our reading list—book #9. Only 3 more after this week. How many have you read? 1? 2? 5? all 8 so far? I’m an avid reader and make it a habit of reading a book every few days. I even have a library…

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Summer Reading List: The Time Keeper

Wow I can’t believe we are up to book 8 already in our summer reading list. It seems like it was just yesterday we started at number 1. How are you making out? Have you read even ONE book on the list yet? This week the book is a short novel.…

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Inner Genius

Summer Reading List: Success Principles

The book I have chosen for you this week has a bit more meat to it. It may take you longer than a week to read it and digest it. Plus, you will probably want to refer back to it over and over again. But believe me, it is well worth…

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Summer Reading List: Simple Abundance

Summer Reading List: Simple Abundance

“High achieving women are imploded with demands, both external and internal, and lack the skills to filter them. These women complain that the first thing they sacrifice is their private time or private pleasures.” ~Harriet B. Braiker, PH.D., found on page July 24 I actually read this week’s book many many…

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The Compound Effect

Summer Reading List: The Compound Effect

“We all come into this world the same: naked, scared, and ignorant. After that grand entrance, the life we end up with is simply an accumulation of the choices we make.” p23 I have a GREAT book for you to read this week. I have read it several times and I…

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The Shoes of Salvation

Summer Reading List: The Shoes of Salvation

By now you probably know that I love shoes. It isn’t a big secret by any means. Well, a few years ago I was given this little book. It will only take you about 10 minutes to read – maybe less. But it has a great message and a funny ending.…

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Summer Reading List: Illusions

If you are looking for a super quick read this summer, I have the perfect book for you. You could probably read today’s book in a couple of hours but it is SO worth it. It makes you think, it makes you laugh, and it makes you wonder. Book #3 in…

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