Canadian Northern Lights

Top Ten Awesome Things about Canada

Today is Canada Day. This year we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference—the big meeting that started us on the road to becoming a country. In the spirit of the day, I thought I would create a top ten list of things that are awesome about Canada. It…

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Santorini, Greece

To help you get a bit more excited about Greece – as if you aren’t already excited – I thought I’d share a super short video of one of the islands that we will be visiting on our trip. Want to be a Goddess in Greece? There are still some spots…

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Aura and me. You can tell she is thrilled to have her picture taken.

Introducing Aura

This is my cat Aura. I chose her name because the word Aurum meant gold or light in Latin and she is very light in colour. Also an aura is the light around a person and she always brings me light. I rescued Aura when she was only 5 weeks old.…

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Building your resiliency

Why is it that some people can be knocked down by life over and over and yet come back stronger each time? And, yet other people simply give up when times get hard. You’ve probably had some situations in your life that you thought you would never get through, and yet…

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The Colosseum

Some pics of our trip to Italy…

Instead of trying to upload a ton of photos on Facebook or send them in an email, I thought it easiest to post a few here on my blog for your viewing pleasure. I actually have over 400 photos plus all the ones everyone else took. However, organizing them will take…

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beach in winter

A Winter Beach Adventure

Ocean ice is blue. A camera (or at least my camera) just can’t seem to capture how blue it really is or how beautiful. I went to the beach on the weekend for an adventure with my family. It is still covered in huge mounds of ice and snow that looks…

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Lightening McQueen Cake

Baking your Heart Out

I love baking. For me it is a fun activity and a stress reliever. I especially love it when my kids help me out, which they have been doing since they were small. A snow day is the perfect time to do some baking and we’ve had quite a few ‘snowy’…

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I need a hug

I’m about to share something really personal. If you are the sort of person who avoids “too much information”, you probably want to stop reading now. I’m a real person. Yes, I have feelings and thoughts and all the messy stuff that makes us human. I am not a marketing gimmick…

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Unplugging…for my sanity

Last week I mentioned I had booked a couples retreat in the wilderness for this coming summer. It is basically a log house in the middle of a wilderness reserve that is totally off the grid. It does have electricity and hot water, but no cell phone service or internet. It…

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sun and sand

Ode to Winter

I’m a tropical island kind of girl. I love sandy beaches, crystalline waters, warm ocean breezes, hammocks, palm trees, and especially those lovely drinks with umbrellas. I need heat…lots and lots of heat. You will never hear me say it is too hot. I live on an island and in the…

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Putting on the Oxygen Mask

Oops…you did it again! You didn’t mean to. You had great intentions and there was also that resolution you made on New Year’s Eve. Yes, you resolved to take better care of yourself; you’d exercise, eat better, and learn to say no to the things that didn’t support and nurture you.…

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