Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day!!!

I’m back from a month of traveling. It’s been awesome but I am glad to be home.

It’s time to unpack and stick around the house for a while.

And I’m home just in time for the big day!

This is the first Mother’s Day I’ve actually spent with at least one of my kids in over 2 years.

To be honest, I have no idea yet what we plan to do, probably just hang out but whatever it is, it’ll be awesome.

In celebration of the day, I found this really fun video. It’s a lip sync video (which I love) and celebrates Moms of all types everywhere.

Give it a watch. (Seriously! it’s short and funny.)

Whether you are a Mom, have a Mom or had a Mom and miss her, I wish you all a super mega Happy Mother’s Day!

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