When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

I like to try something new as often as possible.NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW.

When’s the last time you tried something for the first time?

A new recipe. A new restaurant. A new food at a new restaurant. A new exercise or activity. A new route home. A new dance. A new hobby. A new vacation spot. You get the picture.

Every year I make the intention to try as many new things as possible. I travel to new places and try new local foods and customs. But even at home, I like to mix it up.

It keeps things fresh and life interesting.

I get it that trying something new can be challenging. I have a family member who has a habit of ordering fish and chips at just about every restaurant we go to. He’s afraid to try a new food in case he doesn’t like it. Don’t let fear stop you.

Trying something for the first time actually is really good for you in so many ways.

  1. Helps you overcome fear.
  2. Builds on past successes and strengths.
  3. Increases confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Reduces boredom.
  5. Challenges your mind.
  6. Drives personal growth.
  7. Engages you socially.
  8. Encourages curiosity.
  9. Helps you discover new passions.
  10. Adds FUN to your life!!

Not everyone is an adventurer. And that’s ok. However, there are many ways you can try something new while just staying at home.

I really like taking a new class (remember my belly dancing classes?). I also try new recipes all the time. I really like trying new foods. When I go for walks, I take different routes.

Maybe it’s because I get bored easily, but really I love to see and do new things and it keeps life interesting and fun for me.

I challenge you to try at least one thing new this week and next week too…in fact every week!

Tell me what you come up with in the comments below!

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  • alistairgray

    Thanks Heather, great post. I thrive on doing new things. It adds so much vibrancy to your life. In business I aim to connect with a new person each day and to have a real conversation with them. I do this through my Rotary, my membership of a business chamber, and actively contacting people with whom I am connected to on LinkedIn. In my personal life I am always trying new restaurants, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Etc. and trying different dishes. When I travel I am always off exploring on foot to meet the locals. For example I remember fondly traveling through Syria and having cups of apple tea with the local business owners. The people were so friendly. All they wanted to do was talk and make a friend. Not like it is today.

    • Heather E. Wilson

      Thanks Alistair. That is so awesome. One reason I travel is simply to try new things. I can’t imagine traveling through Syria. It must have been so different than it is now. Hopefully, it will be that amazing again some day. I think most people just really want to connect with another human being. It’s important we get off our computers and get out as much as possible. 🙂

  • Katherine Hartvickson

    Great post Heather. I make it a practice to do something fun that is waaaay out of my comfort zone on each vacation. The last time was swimming in a Cenote in Cancun – and I’m very afraid of being in water where I can’t see the bottom. And I loved it and was so proud of myself!

    • Heather E. Wilson

      That’s great Katherine. I bet we’ll be doing all sorts of new things on our trip to France! Now how about adding something new in while you are still at home? 😉