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Ready to Host Your Own Live Event or Retreat?

Have you ever tried to host your own live event or retreat, and the turnout was … dismal… (if there even was a turnout)

Or the amount of effort you put in just wasn’t worth what you got out of it (a Big Fat $0)…

Or maybe you felt overwhelmed through almost the entire process and wish there was an easier way…
from finding a location and picking a date, to getting people to register AND show up…

I get it. Planning your live event or retreat is a major challenge. But if done right, it can grow your business in a big way.
Here, you’ll find helpful tools and support you need to quickly plan and fill your live event or retreat, eliminating the stress and frustration.

Seriously… successful events and retreats are possible without losing your mind and emptying your wallet!

Work With Me

Work With Me

It’s easier to get what you want when you have someone there supporting and challenging you in the right direction.

I’ve developed a unique program to help you plan, host, fill and monetize your live event or retreat.

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Meet Heather

Meet Heather

With almost 10 years experience in the industry, Heather’s passion is working with coaches, speakers and experts to leverage their business through hosting their own live events and retreats. Using her step-by-step process, clients learn how to plan, organize and fill their live events and retreats quickly and easily.

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