Prince Edward IslandI love to travel…I mean seriously…LOVE to travel.

I love meeting new people. Seeing new sights. Trying new foods.

Having new adventures…the whole shebang. Even flying.

But I do have to stay home sometimes…

and I usually try to do that in the summer as much as possible because…well it’s awesome here on my little island.

Sandy beaches in both red AND white…
Fresh seafood right out of the ocean…
Amazing music, live theatre and dancing…

Not to mention the whole Anne of Green Gables thing (you do know she is a fictional character, right?)

So this summer instead of just me playing on the beach, I thought I’d reach out and invite YOU.

Yes, you. I’ve been hearing from many of my clients how they wish they could travel like I do and that it must be so fun.

PEI Heather E. WilsonWell, yes, it is actually. And you can too. I’m going to help you.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

I’d like to invite you to spend a crazy awesome weekend with me on Prince Edward Island for a very powerful one-on-one 3 day weekend.

If you’ve ever purchased programs and not followed through on them, please read this email twice…

Here’s how it works…

It’s called the “VIP Weekend” and it’s likely what you need to finally start bringing in the sheckles you’ve been trying so hard to earn.

When you go to an event or seminar they can pump you up and give you great ideas, but then it’s up to you to take action. And many never do. But when you hang out with me, you leave with results. Big time.

I’m even going to help you with your travel costs (flight, hotel, and some meals)…

So here’s my offer to you…

I’ll fly you here to PEI, pick you up at the airport myself and drive you to your hotel in Charlottetown (the birth place of Canada- seriously…google it).

You’ll be treated like a queen!

(This is intended for US or Canadian domestic flights, but if you live outside the country, let’s talk about sharing the cost of getting you here.)

I’ll put you up in a swanky hotel and that’s where you’ll stay and where we’ll work.

I’ll bring you breakfast and we’ll meet from 9AM to 3PM for 3 Days In A Row (likely Friday/Saturday/Sunday).

Prince Edward Island BridgeWe can hang out socially too if you like…

We can have adventures and I can show you all that this beautiful island has to offer—

…go to the beach

…eat fresh food in amazing restaurants

…see some live shows

…dance the night away

…show you the real way to eat lobster

…teach you some maritime Canadian slang

…AND depending when you’re here, we might even make some of my super awesome salsa with ingredients right from my own organic garden. Yumm!

I have lots of adventures planned so be prepared to have FUN!

If you bring your family, you’ll have tons of time to spend with them too (this is a GREAT place for a family vacay so you just might want to stay the week).

Oh and during our time together we’ll both work on any project you want…like getting your year mapped out, getting more clients, getting your opt-in page and freebie working for you, creating your FB presence, planning your live event or retreat, and of course working through any fears, blocks or self-limiting beliefs that might be getting in your way.

Or maybe you need help with getting really clear on your niche or passions. I’ll even help you with writing your webinar, creating your online course…

Whatever floats your boat, gets you moving forward, your project done and you ready to make more money. In fact, we’ll actually both create and work on your stuff at the same time. How super cool is that?

As an added bonus, I’ll even gift you with a year of unlimited laser coaching to go along with your VIP weekend (that’s at least a $2000 value) and some other super secret surprises that you’ll just have to come here to discover.

I’m happy to offer you a payment plan too. Just let me know.

To grab your VIP weekend with moi…

Contact me today and let me know what you’d like to accomplish in your bizness and your ideal dates for a visit.

We’ll then set up a phone call and figure out the logistics and how to make this easy for you.

A lot can happen when we spend 3 days together and you’ll have me in your corner making sure we take care of you and your bizness in a really powerful way.

Prince Edward Island BeachJust email me today and let’s set up a time to talk and a plan to finally get your bizness the way you always envisioned it to be and you making more money.


P.S. If there is any part of you that knows you need my help, contact me right now and we’ll get on the phone and see if this is a fit for you.

P.P. S. Want me to come to you? I’m totally open to that, email me and let’s talk.