Make your dreams a reality…

make your dreams a relalityA single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

We all have dreams. Without dreams, life isn’t much fun living.

Sometimes we allow those dreams to blossom and grow to fruition and sometimes we let our dreams wither and die.

You may love, love, love your job, career or business.

You may be head over heels in love with your family life.

You may be experiencing your best life ever and living to your full potential.

(I hope you are.)


You may be counting the days until the weekend, your next vacation or your retirement.

You may feel your life slipping past you and you never made that big impact you know deep down you were meant to have.

I used to feel that way…

I was recovering from a divorce after a ten year toxic marriage. I was working three jobs just to support myself and my kids. I hated my full time job and my boss treated me terribly. I was always worried about money and how I could possibly keep doing it all myself. My health was going down the toilet. I was burning out big time.

In fact…

I was extremely stressed, depressed and frustrated.

I knew, knew, knew I was meant for greater things. I had big dreams…but I had no idea how to get there.

I tried various things but it was like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Nothing stuck and nothing  worked.

Then in the fall of 2009 I made a choice…

That choice was to get help.

I invested in myself by hiring a business coach and put one foot in front of the other to make my dreams become a reality.

Fast forward…

I have what I always dreamed of:

=>A full coaching practice (actually it’s overflowing)

=>I host my own live events with hundreds of attendees

=>I speak on stages all over

=>I host exclusive transformational retreats around the world

=>I have teleclasses, webinars, group programs

=>I have an evergreen sales funnel and products

=>I am a published author

=>My one son goes to university and I am able to homeschool my other son

=>I own my own home

=>I have tons of flexibility

=>I get to travel to amazing destinations and have fun adventures

And… I have close friends all over the world. Yep, life is gooooood.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Back then, I made the decision that if I wanted to grow, stretch and change AND make a big (or even a little) positive impact on the world, I needed help.

I’ve never looked back. In fact, I still have many more dreams and lots more I want to do and accomplish, so I continue dreamsto have my own coach (actually a few) and believe me it makes all the difference.

Everything changes now if you say so.

If you see yourself in my story and you want to explore how you can make a bigger impact, feel more passionate, love what you do and be more energized in your career and life…and you are ready to step into your greatness…

Contact me now and tell me your story.

I believe in you…

P.S. I would love to hear your story. Please either contact me privately and share or post it in the comments below.

We all have lessons to impart and a story to tell. What’s yours?

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