What’s your focus this year?

“Focusing is about saying No.” ~ Steve Jobs

Previously, I shared with you my theme or prime intention for the year. I also shared my theme song.

Check it out HERE if you missed it.

Did you choose yours yet?

I really hope you did because today we are going to build on that and choose your 3 best focus words for this year.

I like to choose my focus words AFTER I’ve chosen my theme because I want them to flow together.

2016 focus wordsThe focus words are super important.

I actually use them all year long. They help me make decisions and keep me moving in the direction I want to go. If I get off track, I just refocus. I tell you it HELPS so much.

Here’s how it works…

Let’s say an opportunity comes my way. It can be anything—to speak somewhere, to go to an event, to write something, whatever. Basically, I have to make a decision as to whether I want to do this thing or not.

I then map the decision back to my focus words. If they are a match, I do it. If they are not a match, I don’t do it. Simple.

It is my decision making machine.

Here’s an example.

My prime directive (intention) is Seize the Day (see it there at the top of the graphic?). My focus words this year are Freedom, Joy and Beauty.

I am focusing on having more freedom of all types (inner, financial, health, etc.), more joy (aka fun) and I want to surround myself with more beauty at all times (we’ll talk more about these in upcoming blog posts).

So along comes a chance for me to partner with another coach on a project. On the outside it looks great. Do I take it?

Not sure.

Does it map back to at least one of my focus words?

Let’s see…

If I work with this other coach will I have more freedom? Probably not. True it could help me financially but most likely all the extra work is going to bog me down.

Is it going to bring me more joy? It could. Depends on the project and person. In this case, though I am going to say no. It just feels like work.

Is it going to surround me with beauty? Nope.

In this case, I say no to the opportunity. It’s a no brainer.

This is HOW I make decisions so super fast. I never have to second guess. If it isn’t in line with my focus and direction for the year, I don’t do it. Period.

Tip: The more an opportunity maps to your focus words, the more of a yes it is. In other words, if a decision maps back to all your words vs just one, it is a stronger yes and you should do it.

When you choose your words, go with your intuition. Find words that align with your prime intention (theme). You may need to make a big list first and then whittle it down. Your words should FEEL right. Of course, you can change them over the year as things evolve so don’t worry about perfection or making a mistake. There are no mistakes with this.

I challenge you to come up with 3 focus words that align with your prime intention. Then, create a graphic or even just write them on a sticky-note. Post them beside your computer or somewhere you can see them all the time.

Don’t just read this and think it’s a great idea (because it is). Take action and do it. Then post your words in the comments below. This year is going to ROCK baby!

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