Coaching sets the super successful apart from the average. Highly successful people (in any field) who have a coach always achieve more than those who don’t.

Ask anyone who has achieved a major dream or goal and the chances are they have had guidance and help, often in the form of a mentor or coach.

It’s easier to get what you want when you have someone there supporting and challenging you in the right direction. I’ve developed a unique program to help you plan, host, fill and monetize your live event or retreat.

Want to travel more? Or maybe you want to stay home and have people come to you? Either way we can make that happen. When you partner with me, you get an experienced mentor and coach. Someone who is going to guide and support you with your goals, but who is also going to call you on your sh$t and keep you away from those shiny objects.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level…I can help you if you’re willing to commit and act!

Invest in yourself.

My specialties include:

  • Helping coaches, experts and speakers host and plan their own live events and retreats
  • Hosting transformational retreats and adventures around the world
  • Helping new coaches avoid much of the startup pain with solid steps for getting clients quickly and launching their biz

Options include:

  • VIP 1-1 coaching
  • Group coaching and mastermind programs
  • Specialized programs and products (webinars, masterclasses, etc.)
  • Live retreats and events
  • Much more…

Contact Heather today for more information.