I have worked with Heather for over a year and she has been a great source of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance for me in my business. She knows how to balance caring support while not being afraid to call me on my sh** which we all need. I highly recommend Heather’s services for anyone that needs real guidance and real results.


Before working with Heather I was drowning in overwhelm, drifting without direction and blinded by “shiny object syndrome”. For years I had tried to get my health coaching practice launched, but never had the confidence and was convinced I needed “just one more” certification and then I would finally be ready.

What drew me to Heather was her sincere authenticity, enthusiasm, and also her passion and love of travel and adventure – all things I wanted to incorporate into my own practice but couldn’t figure out how. I scheduled a call and then without even knowing how I was going to pay for it, signed up for her VIP weekend. I knew deep down this was exactly what I needed and I’d find the money somehow (which I did). If I was ever going to make it happen I had to take this leap of faith and I haven’t looked back since.

My weekend spent with Heather was incredibly life-shifting.

I FINALLY had someone who could show me how to take all the puzzle pieces I had accumulated over the years and put them together into a picture that made sense and was doable. Together we formulated a step-by-step action plan that I could accomplish without falling back into overwhelm and it made all the difference in the world! Having the right strategies in place was a total game-changer for me.

With Heather’s encouragement and support, I now have the details of my practice in place. I not only know what to do, I know HOW to do it.  And it feels awesome! Everyday I push the boundaries of my comfort zone, because when I do, magic happens! All I have to do is follow my action plan. If you are wondering if you should make the leap like I did, all I can say is GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it and your life will never be the same. Thank you Heather for reminding me that, “It’s my life” and for showing me that even the smallest step towards my goals and dreams yields amazing results.

Catherine AnneNova Scotia

My trip to Croatia with Heather was absolutely amazing! Her attention to detail and itinerary were top notch and the experience she provides is unlike any other. I don’t think I could have had a better experience. It was also very healing for me in so many ways and I know that I released something while there since I came home and had the best month in my business ever!


I have been receiving your emails for quite some time and I must admit… I look for them first thing every day, as I love the interesting sayings/drawings/motivators with each one. Where do you find them? Some days I find myself laughing so hard and some days I find myself connecting with the message on a number of levels. You really have a home run with your emails in my opinion.

Keep up the great work and know you are appreciated very much so for all you do.

Paul Alan SchubertAuthorPaulSchubert.comUSA

It is amazing what one can accomplish in a year when you set your mind to it. I admire people who can actually do what they want to do…kudos to you Heather!

MiguelleCharlottetown, PE

I was feeling angry, frustrated, discouraged, and very negative about my life and myself before I started working with Heather. I resented other people for being happy. Then I hired Heather and now I’m feeling focused, positive, and confident. I respond to situations instead of just reacting.

I’m much more aware of how my thoughts and feelings affect my life, and I have tools and strategies to help me release negativity and fear if I need them. My relationships have improved dramatically and I now have a much better understanding of myself.

Thank you Heather for helping me change my life!

LisaOttawa, ON

I’m very, very impressed with Heather’s programs, teachings, and wisdom. After taking just one of her classes, I found a way to save $550 in less than 2 days. With her expert guidance and encouragement I am now inspired to take action and create a plan to increase my wealth-esteem.

KazzrieWellington, PE

Heather gently pushed me toward the light of my own life. She allowed me to see me for who I am and learn to love myself unconditionally. I’m sure she has wings tucked under her blouse; she’s my inspirational earth angel.

CherylFredericton, NB

Heather made me realize how to let go of all that guilt I associated with money management. I now feel content and in charge of my money.

JohnCharlottetown, PE

Heather is proof that we can change our circumstances with a good plan, and the resolve to keep moving toward our goals in spite of any problems or obstacles along the way.

SheldonCharlottetown, PE